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We learn to build houses by building houses, play the harp by playing the harp, to be just by doing just acts.



As I get older I realize it is impossible to keep up the fighting regiment that I was used to in order to keep my skills sharp. As a result, I have developed drills that work specific principles of offensive and defensive movements. I practice these drills myself, and with students, to build and maintain the skills necessary for sport karate, and street self defense. These drill are simulations of real life self defense and fighting situations that are meant to evoke the same physiological response and stress level as being in a real situation – without the danger of injury that can be associated with this high level of training. These are the same principles that fighter pilots, combat soldiers, and law enforcement personnel use to build the muscle memory and reflexes necessary to be successful and survive in combat. These drills teach students to react and respond under pressure and in stressful situations.

I have identified 30 specific elements, components, or attributes that I believe are necessary to be a successful fighter and martial artist. I use these elements, to design the drills and build the skills in each student.  As of now, Combat Kenpo has about 150 named drills that I work on a regular basis with the students. There are also another 25 drills that I use that are specific to sparring. I feel it is key to focus on both hard and soft techniques so that the student will have a well balance repertoire of movement.